TyreLoader truck

Truck tyres can be difficult to handle – especially because they often are stacked in rows.

TyreLoader makes it easier to handle the tyres from the front side, and by means of a tyre aligner – TyreOrganisor – the tyres are vertically positioned. Then the TyreLoader grips the tyres and the fork lift truck can lift them and transport them onwards. In transit the stack can be raised to vertical position, which makes it possible to place it on a truck, on a trailer, in a container or in a storage rack. In all cases the tyres will be stacked easily and precisely on top of each other.

Save both time and money!
Previously it could take 3 workers 3 hours to load a truck with tyres. Now TyreLoader does the job in 1 hour with only 1 worker! And he doesn’t even have to lift a single tyre himself!

The payback time is only 1-2 years, and you save money for salaries and waiting time for the truck. Ramps and other aids are not necessary – and there are no costs for pallets.

You eliminate heavy lifts, which will result in fewer sick days and the work environment will be improved for your employees.